The King’s school sports programme has a nationally and locally recognized reputation across a wide range of sports. The school has produced a number of full and age group international performers over the years. We also have strong representation at County and Divisional levels on an annual basis.
The aim of the Athlete Development Programme is to provide support to talented individuals; facilitating excellence in both their sporting and academic careers. It supplements the strong coaching, training and competitive environment that exists at the school. We firmly believe that the drive to succeed in sport should transfer to achievement in all aspects of school life. This is one of the primary goals of the programme. 
We want you to improve as an individual within your sport and achieve your potential academically. In addition, we are looking for athletes who are committed to making a significant difference to the performance of King’s School sport.


Provision of a staff mentor to provide a link between the House system, academic staff, coaches and parents. 
Individual goal setting to facilitate achievement in all aspects of school life.
The mentor is also there to provide support and look at goal setting in all aspects of their school life. 
Provision of a level three PT instructor who will design a personalised training programme, nutritional plan and monitor fitness levels. 
Termly lectures by external speakers on subjects that are relevant to the development of young athlete.
Provide leadership and coaching opportunities, to enhance an individual’s personal development.
An annual review of the athlete’s progress.


Exclusive Gym is a team of highly experienced exercise professionals and athletes with vast knowledge in many health and fitness fields. We have particular expertise in sports strength and conditioning, sports psychology and nutrition at the elite level. 
"It is with this unique blend that we are excited to be working with King’s School in discovering, monitoring and developing its athletes in the Athlete Development Programme."