Worcester Cathedral Boy Choristers are a strong team of happy and talented boys.

Boy Choristers aged seven to eleven are educated at King’s St Alban’s and along with men and girl choristers sing the daily services at Worcester Cathedral. Their work is demanding and yet hugely rewarding.

The Worcester Cathedral Choir enjoys a national and international reputation, broadcasting regularly on radio and television and taking part in the Three Choirs Festival. The experience brings a daily exposure to fine music.

The roots of the school's provision for choristers can be traced back to the re-foundation of the King's School by King Henry VIII in 1541. In August 1575, Queen Elizabeth I visited Worcester to attend a solemn service with singing by the choristers and in more recent times, Queen Elizabeth II visited the Cathedral for a service in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee.

Boys leave the choir when their voice changes, though many continue to play a major part in the musical life of the King's School. A large number have been awarded Choral and Organ Scholarships at leading Oxbridge colleges and others have entered the profession to become renowned conductors, choral directors, organists or singers.

If you would like to find out more about chorister opportunities please contact Worcester Cathedral's Organist and Director of Music Peter Nardone on 01905 732916 or at peternardone@worcestercathedral.org.uk. For further information about the education of Boy Choristers at King's St Alban’s please contact Mrs Louise Robins, the Registrar at King's St Alban's on: 01905 354906 or at lrobins@ksw.org.uk.

Further information regarding the Cathedral Choir can be found on the website of Worcester Cathedral.