Our Charitable Pledge

  • The Development Trust is a registered charity. All our funds come from the genorosity of our community.
  • The trustees are all volunteers who are committed to safeguarding these funds and making sure they are used for the purpose for which they were given.
  • We try to keep in contact with everyone in our community and are interested in what you are doing, but we would never sell on information and only ever pass on details to friends or contemporaries when you have given your permission.
  • Your data is held under strict data protection guidelines and we have a data protection policy which is regularly updated.
  • We will never telephone you to talk to you about giving to The King's School Worcester without first having sought your permission.
  • We value any support you are able to give but never expect it. We hope you will always feel comfortable to say no, not now, or never. 
  • If you do want to support us, we will try to make donating as easy as possible. 
  • We will always say thank you. 

The Code of Fundraising Practice can be viewed online.