At King’s St Alban’s artistic creativity is woven into the curriculum and it is a key area in which all children can develop their skills and interests to the full.


A great many children play an instrument, taking individual music lessons during school and all children in Years Three to Six sing in one of our two school choirs. There are concerts in the school's John Moore Theatre or College Hall each term as well as informal concerts in the Chapel. The school offers musical opportunites through our Orchestra, Junior and Senior String Groups, Junior and Senior Wind Bands, Flute Choir, Recorder Groups and Chamber Choir. Children can also perform as soloists at our regular events.

The Cathedral Choristers bring a special quality to the music at King's St Alban's - their part in the annual Cathedral Carol Service is a particular joy. There are up to ten choral scholars and the Choir is regularly in need of new voices. Please visit the Cathedral Choristers page for more information.

Dear All

I had the pleasure of attending the junior school concert yesterday evening.

I can hardly find the words to give justice to the truly wonderful experience.

The children are a delight and without exception they gave the audience a concert to remember.

The children are clearly happy, with smiles never far from their faces, but clearly they have all worked extremely hard to put on such a show! The solo performers were so brave but so modest – simply lovely to behold.

The final senior choir piece – Adiemus – was so well executed that it was worthy of a standing ovation!

A very well done to all the children and also the staff who clearly work very hard to reach such high standards with the children, which can’t be easy, but to also ensure the children are enjoying their music.

I was one very proud grandparent – thank you!

Kind regards

Jane C Lander Taylor (A King's St Alban's Grandparent)

Theatre Trips

The whole school enjoys an annual theatre trip, usually in December. Recent hits include the spellbinding The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Secret Garden and Alice in Wonderland.

Drama and Dance

Drama plays an important role in the curriculum. Groups from drama club prepare performances each year and many of the children have individual LAMDA lessons. Dance features within the curriculum too. Each year group in the junior school work in turn with a visiting specialist leading to performance opportunities.