It is our mission to create a stimulating, happy and secure environment, which will promote the learning process for all our children and where friendships and confidence may flourish. Our curriculum is child-centered, focused upon the development of the individual child, socially, emotionally, physically, aesthetically, morally and cognitively. We recognise that the needs of our young children are such that it is not possible to separate their need for learning experiences from their need for care and emotional support.

Children learn through their senses and through powerful interaction with their environment. There is a strong focus on play-based and outdoor learning together with a combination of structured play, first-hand experience, and some directed teaching. The development of the whole child is considered crucial. Please follow this link to see how our Early Years children learn outside of the classroom

Active exploration and autonomy are encouraged. Opportunities for investigation and discovery in both the indoor and outdoor environment are provided and adults play a key role in enriching and extending learning potential. A wide range of resources is provided to stimulate interest and nurture curiosity. We plan a learning environment both indoors and outdoors that encourages a positive attitude to learning. We use resources that reflect both the community that the children come from and the wider world. We encourage the children to select resources and make choices to develop independent learning.

Children at this stage are constructing a framework for learning and life. They are acquiring key attitudes to learning and exploring learning processes, as well as acquiring a core of knowledge and a grasp of language.

The last ISI Report judged the Kindergarten and Reception provision at King's Hawford Outstanding in all areas. Copies of the latest and past reports are below. 

ISI Report 2017

ISI Report 2014


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