Economics and Business are offered by the same department and taught by different combinations of the same departmental staff. Economics consists of four units, taught across two academic years. In the second year of the course, students sit the A Level examinations, consisting of three papers. Business consists of four themes and students also sit three papers at the end of the second academic year.

Both Economics and Business are taught exclusively in the Sixth Form and combine easily with most other subjects. Economics is best suited, although not exclusively so, to those with a proven mathematical background. Both micro and macro economics are studied, ranging from basic supply and demand principles to the study of central economic issues such as unemployment, inflation and the UK's role in both the European and World economy. Upper Sixth Economics students may be selected to participate in The Bank of England's Target 2.0 competition, assuming the role of the members of the Monetary Policy Committee in arriving at an interest rate decision. Each year a group of candidates are prepared for Oxbridge application, to read Economics, PPE, Economics & Management, and other related courses.

In Economics, the Department follows the AQA Specification. Subject content includes; Individuals, Firms, Markets and Market Failure and the National and International Economy.

In Business, the Department follows the Pearson Edexcel Specification. Case studies are explored in Business to encourage the application of theory to a range of real business scenarios. At A Level, Marketing and People, Managing Business Activities, Business Decisions and Strategy and Global Businesses are studied.

Beyond the classroom there is a popular and thriving Young Enterprise programme that gives students from all disciplines the chance to be part of a team, responsible for starting up and running a business. King's has received numerous and regional awards and the programme is open to all Lower Sixth Form students.

We try to combine traditional classroom activity with a mix of seminars, debates and seek to use IT wherever it might be appropriate.

One of the most useful websites for the department is Tutor2u.


Economics: 93% A*-C at A Level.
Business: 81%  A*-C at A Level.
The department prepares students for a range of universities including Oxford and Cambridge.
All pupils take part in Bullbearings, a share trading game.
Economists participate in The Bank of England’s Target 2.0 Competition.