Being able to communicate better with others and present ideas more clearly is vitally important, not just in studies but in the wider world. That can be learned through the study of English.

Outside lessons there are opportunities to see plays at nearby theatres in Worcester, Birmingham, Stratford and Malvern. We also have study trips to help pupils understand the works of particular authors.

All students study English as part of the core curriculum from Year Seven to Year Nine. It is taught in streamed groups for four periods per week, spread across the week as much as possible. There are usually two pieces of English homework each week. In Years Ten and Eleven our pupils are in setted groups for five periods per week following these courses:

The IGCSE English Language course includes fifty percent coursework (three written assignments of between five hundred and eight hundred words each). The final deadline for coursework is currently around the February half term of Year Eleven. The remaining fifty percent is assessed by one examination paper, with three questions based upon the reading of two passages. The examination is taken at the end of Year Eleven. The course covers a variety of texts and activities, literary and non-literary, and gives opportunities for using language clearly and confidently in a range of situations.

The separate specification for IGCSE English Literature is entirely exam based and has three examinations on three prepared texts and an unseen: the first paper has questions on a collection of poetry and a prose work, which have been studied throughout the course; the second paper is an open book exam on a work of drama, which has also been studied throughout. The final paper is an unseen analysis of a passage of prose or a poem; the examinations will be taken at the end of Year Eleven. The course covers a wide range of English literature including the works of Shakespeare, other classic and modern drama, novels and collections of poetry.


  • Recent IGCSE English Language 60% A*/A
  • Recent IGCSE English Literature 68% A*/A
  • Full programme of theatre visits, lectures and competitions