Termly Fees from September 2016, inclusive of wrap-around care from 8.00am to 6.00pm are as follows.

Pre-preparatory Department

Reception £2184
Year One £2427
Year Two £2511

Junior School

Year Three £2691
Year Four £3596
Year Five £3760
Year Six £3951

Senior School

Ages Eleven to Eighteen £4360

A reduction in fees of ten percent for a third child and fifteen percent for a fourth child is also allowed in cases when three or more children are pupils at the school together. Reductions are applied to the fees of the youngest child.

School lunches are billed termly and currently cost £132 at the Pre-Preparatory department and £184 in the Junior School. Our menus are healthy, varied and provide choice. A breakfast service is available from 8.00am - details are from the school office. Children in Pre-Prep are provided with a morning and afternoon snack at no extra cost. In the Junior School children may bring a healthy snack to school to eat at morning break. All children may also arrange to have milk each day for a small termly cost.

Requests for instrumental music lessons with the school's visiting teachers can be arranged via the school office. Current charges are £170 per term and hire of instruments can be arranged from £15 to £35 per term.

These rates are subject to annual review with increases taking effect from the beginning of the academic year.