The Foundation Development Office (FDO) enables King's to sustain its reputation as a centre of educational excellence through the generosity of its supporting Community.


The FDO also brings together the varied strands of former pupils, staff and parents through a range of creative events and communications under the King’s Community umbrella, and is run by Liz Elliott, Sophie Borrillo-McLellan, Alice Evans and Cath Williams. To contact us, call 01905 721737 or email us.

The FDO works closely with the King’s School Worcester Development Trust, which was established in 1968 and is a registered charity separate from the Governing Body. The Trust is chaired by Andrew Reekes (Ch 64-69), and the Trustees are representatives of every strand of the King’s Community:

Katie Beever (parent and staff)
Julie Best (former parent)
Hugh Carslake (Chair of Governors, former parent)
Linton Connell (OV, former parent)
Douglas Dale (governor)
Fanos Hira (OV, parent)
Donald Howell (OV)
Carl Jury (parent)
Pat Preston (governor, former parent)
Leanne Sheen (OV)

Andrew Underwood (OV)
John Weston (OV)