Years Seven and Eight at King’s are called the Lower Fourth and Upper Fourth respectively.

Each of the two year groups has six forms, titled A to F and together they are known as the Fourth Forms.

We like to think of the Fourth Forms as a school within a school, with registration and pastoral care taking place within the individual forms. Each form has a Form Tutor, who will see them at registration times and will also teach them PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). In addition there is a Head and Deputy Head of Fourth Forms, who have oversight of both year groups. All classes are taught by subject specialists.

The Fourth Forms have an earlier lunch than the rest of the school, they also have their own playground,

The Forms compete against each other in various competitions throughout the year, such as the Fourth Form song competition and sports day.

Head of Fourth Forms, Mr A Longley, BA

Deputy Head of Fourth Forms, Mrs R Worth, BSc

Mr Longley has been head of the Fourth Forms for fifteen years and teaches in the Geography department.

His top moto is 'Work hard, have fun but most of all be kind.'

Mrs Worth teaches in the Biology department and was a Fourth Form tutor for many years before becoming Deputy Head of Fourth Forms.

Upper Fourth Forms

Upper Four A (U4A)

Form Tutor: Mr G Williams, BA

Upper Four B

Form Tutor: Mrs L A Beard, BA

Upper Four C

Form Tutor: Mr E Lummas, BA

Upper Four D

Form Tutor:  Dr C Brown, BSc, PhD
































































Upper Four E

Form Tutor: Mrs R Rutter, BA

Upper Four F

Form Tutor: Mr S Cuthbertson, BA

Lower Fourth Forms

Lower Four A

Form Tutor: Mr S D Greenall

Lower Four B

Form Tutor: Mr L H Ison

Lower Four C

Form Tutor: Mrs  R Shearburn, BA


Lower Four D

Form Tutor: Miss R  A Ellender, BA


Lower Four E

Form Tutor: Mr T B Jeavons, BA


Lower Four F

Form Tutor: Mrs S Parry, MA