Our house system’s main focus is the pastoral care of our pupils.

Each house has an overall House Tutor and one Year Group Tutor for each year. Pupils register in house each morning with their Year Group Tutor and a certain amount of time each week is spent in house, which helps to create a close-knit community and foster a sense of loyalty.

Houses also compete against each other in various competitions throughout the year, such as the house song competition, house rowing and sports day. Members of each house are identified by the different coloured stripes on their ties.


Bright House

House Tutor: Mr C Haywood
Heads of House: Sophie Carter, Bella Parker-Byatt


Bright House is a welcoming and friendly House where pupils from different age groups feel comfortable mixing with each other. We ask pupils to do two things in Bright House; the first is to get involved in as many aspects of school life as possible and the second is to take responsibility for themselves and their own learning, so that when they leave us in the Sixth form they are ready to face, whatever new adventure they are set to face. We have a dedicated and experienced group of staff, who collectively clock up over seventy years’ experience teaching at King’s! Many pupils have benefitted from their support, encouragement, hard work and good humour over the years.​

Mr C Haywood, House Tutor

Bright House is named after Henry Bright who was Headmasters of King’s from 1589 to 1627. It was formed as a day house in 1961 and is now located in the Choir House building.

Year Group Tutors

Upper Sixth: Mrs L A Walmsley
Lower Sixth: Mrs N Essenhigh
Fifth Form: Mr C Atkinson
Upper Remove: Mr E Lewis
Lower Remove: Miss R M Lewis

Castle House

House Tutor: Mr A Deichen
Heads of House: Ellie Hollis, James Tomlinson

Castle House is in a unique position within King’s. Having initially operated from 1902 until the mid-1990s, Castle was re-established very recently.  This puts the House in an enviable position of both having history, which gives the students within Castle a sense of heritage and belonging, as well as being one of the newest aspects of the school: a perfect combination of legacy and being on the cutting edge! Being such a new House enables Castle to embody the Japanese principle of “kaizen”, meaning "change for better".  Pupils and staff alike are encouraged to suggest ways in which we can run more efficiently and offer the best pastoral care that we can – to ensure the members of Castle are happy and productive.  I hope that in decades to come, Castle members will remember fondly their time at school, recalling not only how Castle improved them as people, but also how they improved Castle.

Mr A Deichen, House tutor

Castle House is named after Worcester Castle which once stood within the school grounds. It was a boarding house from 1902 to 1995 but was re-formed in September 2015 in the Keyes Building.

Year Group Tutors

Upper Sixth: Miss J R Hewitt
Lower Sixth: Mrs S H Le Marchand
Fifth Form: Mr E D Houghton
Upper Remove: Mr D N Branchett
Lower Remove: Mrs A R Gamble

Chappel House

House Tutor: Mrs N Sears
Heads of House: Anna Cosson, Katie Heptenstall

Chappel House is more than just a destination at the top of a long and winding staircase!  Within our House a strong work ethic is nurtured; teamwork is fostered; leadership is encouraged and lifelong friendships are formed.  Chappel is inclusive and supportive and we aim to have lots of fun whilst keeping our eye on the goal at all times.  There is interaction between the year groups from day to day House Time through to work with our chosen charities and half termly House Socials.  In recent events we have had great success in interhouse competitions and individual pupils have achieved well academically, culturally and in sporting endeavours.  All we ask in Chappel is for everyone to be the very best version of themselves and make the most of their time in the House. ​

Mrs N Sears, House Tutor

Chappel House is named after W.H. Chappel who was Headmaster of King’s from 1896 to 1919. It was formed in 1936 as a day house and is now located in the School House building.

Year Group Tutors

Upper Sixth: Mr R A Ball
Lower Sixth: Mrs L Ruiz Pelaez
Fifth Form: Mr A R Swarbrick
Upper Remove: Miss E J Cameron
Lower Remove: Mr J N Gardiner

Choir House

House Tutor: Dr R James
Heads of House: Evie Maitland, Mia Rigby


Choir House encourages all its pupils to give their best in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Our pupils have a diverse array of talents and we encourage them all to play a part in making us a happy and sociable community.  We want them to seize every opportunity available and to ensure that they have fun and work hard in all endeavours, both inside and outside the classroom.  We aim to encourage the pupils to look after each other, be respectful towards others, challenge intolerance and give their time generously to charitable causes.  We are proud of our alumni and the strong relationships that they formed during their time in the House and it is clear that they look back fondly on and cherish the Choir House spirit; the friendships that they made here will stand the test of time. ​

Dr R James, House Tutor

Choir House is named after the previous Worcester Cathedral Choir School and was originally the boarding house for pupils who were members of the Cathedral Choir. It was formed in 1948 and is now located in the Annett Building.

Year Group Tutors

Upper Sixth: Mr B R Routledge
Lower Sixth: Mrs D Salkeld
Fifth Form: Mr A J Maund
Upper Remove: Miss R L Wood and Miss E F Preece
Lower Remove: Miss A Simpson & Mr S D Gilbert

Creighton House

House Tutor: Ms L Guy
Heads of House: Georgia Lambert, Olly Singleton

Creighton is a very welcoming House with a genuine sense of fun, community and family. Each pupil is assigned a tutor who looks after them both academically and pastorally, monitoring progress and discussing goals, aims and targets with them on a continuing basis. We aim to promote strong moral values with a concern for the needs of others and have recently raised over £10,000 for various local charities. We encourage each and every child to throw themselves into school life - whether their strengths lie in or outside of the classroom- to develop well-rounded, happy, generous and self-reflective young adults. As a close knit group we value everyone's achievement irrespective of level or age group; we are widely recognised for our positive and caring House spirit. ​

Ms L Guy, House Tutor


Creighton House is named after Cuthbert Creighton who was Headmaster from 1919 to 1936 and 1940 to 1942. It was formed as a day house in 1936 and is now located in the Choir House building.

Year Group Tutors

Upper Sixth: Mr O J Heydon
Lower Sixth: Mr A A Gilgrass
Fifth Form: Mr W J Joyce
Upper Remove: Miss E Trow-Poole
Lower Remove: Mrs G L Hardy

Kittermaster House

House Tutor: Mr R Davis
Heads of House: Abbey Lynch, Lily Tyson

Kittermaster House is named after F.R. Kittermaster who was Headmaster of King’s from 1942 to 1959. It was formed as a day house in 1984 and is also located in the Choir House building.

Year Group Tutors

Upper Sixth: Mr C W Wilson
Lower Sixth: Mrs C M Neville
Fifth Form: Mrs E A Shepherd
Upper Remove: Miss E K McKenzie
Lower Remove: Mr T R Sharp

Oswald House

House Tutor: Mrs L Haddock
Heads of House: Bethany Andrews, Sophia Gloria


In Oswald House we aim to build a community. We would hope that students look back at their time in the House with fondness and feel that they have been encouraged and supported in all aspects of their life. The House should be a student’s home within the School, a place where they can relax and be themselves but learn to make mistakes in a safe and supportive environment. 
We welcome participation at all levels in House activities, whether it be quizzes, sporting or music competitions or organising charity events. As a House we try to organise one big charity event a year, for example the King’s School Bake Off in aid of St Richards Hospice and Oswald’s afternoon tea in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society. This participation builds friendships across age groups, mutual respect and tolerance. 

Mrs L Haddock, House tutor

Oswald House is named after Saint Oswald, Bishop of Worcester from 961 to 992. Oswald was formed as a day house in 1984 and can now be found in the School House building.

Year Group Tutors

Upper Sixth: Mrs E Friend
Lower Sixth: Mr J Sarrriegui
Fifth Form: Mrs F J Drinkwater
Upper Remove: Mr G V Ward
Lower Remove: Mr R P Geary

School House

House Tutor: Mr S Bain
Heads of House: Heloise Brown, Noah Crampton


In the fast paced modern world it is nice to be able to rely on old values of loyalty, reliability and respect. In School House we work together as a group to achieve our common goals. The well-established staff are all experienced and this experience crosses over into many different areas of expertise and interests. In the introductory year, where it is recognised that the students might have more difficulty in adapting to the senior school, we have one member of staff designated to this year group. A second member of staff will then pass up through the school with their own tutor group. This allows a meaningful relationship to develop over time. An understanding approach when times become difficult will allow reassurance to be given, or a sensible discussion about what needs to change can be undertaken. School House is a safe, caring and respectful environment where the older students are able to be positive role models and mentors for the younger students. We strive to achieve the very best both academically and in the many other opportunities King’s offers. ​

Steve Bain, House tutor

School House is still located in the School House building where it was originally a boarding house from 1888 to 1991, when it became a day house.

Year Group Tutors

Upper Sixth: Mr J J Mason
Lower Sixth: Mr J Knights
Fifth Form: Mrs E L Darby
Upper Remove: Dr M D Parkin
Lower Remove: Mrs S C Bradley

Wulstan House

House Tutor: Dr M Poole
Heads of House: Sam Lowe, Izzy Macintosh


In Wulstan House our aims are simple – we would like every single one of our students to be able to say the following:

  1. They feel proud to be a valued and respected member of a friendly, positive and forward thinking environment which has its own distinct identity
  2. They have tutors who are interested in who they are now and what they want to be in the future, and consider this part of their job to be as important as any other
  3. They appreciate why we place so much emphasis on promoting good role models and aspire, in time, to be one of these themselves


Dr M Poole, House Tutor

Wulstan House is named after Saint Wulstan, Bishop of Worcester from 1062 to 1095. It was formed in 1961 and is located within the School House building.

Year Group Tutors

Upper Sixth: Mrs C Yates
Lower Sixth: Miss L C Symonds
Fifth Form: Mr J Barnard and Mr N J Blakemore
Upper Remove: Dr D Haddock
Lower Remove: Mr M Warren and Mr N J Blakemore