Information Technology (IT) and Computing play an important role in the daily life of every pupil at King’s, whether it is in IT lessons, using skills learned in those lessons when working on other subjects, using email to communicate with teachers, storing work in the Cloud or researching information. Every pupil has access to the school’s network and a school email address along with a substantial amount of storage both on the network and in the Cloud with Office 365.

Pupils have stand-alone IT lessons in Lower Fourth to Upper Remove (Years Seven to Nine) when they learn the skills required in applications that support their other learning, for example, word processing and spreadsheets, as well as learning how to give a dynamic presentation, working with images and digital video. Pupils are introduced to basic coding skills including writing simple games, PC hardware, cryptography and Physical Computing using Arduino and Microbit boards.

Each year they build on the skills previously covered to take their knowledge to a higher level and to keep abreast of new developments. In Upper Remove and Fifth Form (Years Ten and Eleven), IT is covered in subject lessons, giving ample opportunity for the skills learned in the earlier years to be applied and improved on. In the Lower Sixth all pupils receive an intense program of IT where they cover topics needed to support them in their A Level studies, at university and work.

We have supervised lunchtime IT clubs on several days a week for different year groups where any pupil is welcome to make use of the facilities in the department. There are also brand new Code Clubs and Raspberry Pi Clubs being phased in throughout the year. Watch this space for more information…