Key Skills is the name we give to a five-term course that all Sixth Formers do. It is delivered in one double period per week on Tuesdays in Upper Sixth and Thursdays in Lower Sixth.

During the Lower Sixth year, students have the opportunity to develop skills beyond that of their academic subjects. The key aim is to enable our students to enhance their skills by debating, IT, problem solving and producing a one thousand word research report. There is also an opportunity for a number of students to do an EPQ, or to work towards an AS in Critical Thinking, or to do a Gold Arts Award during this time, instead of following the main course. Alongside this, all of our students will have a careers advice session, an opportunity to produce a CV, PSHE and during the summer term time devoted to Higher Education.

The Upper Sixth Autumn Term is seminar based with students working in small groups covering a wide range of topics including UCAS applications and community service in two local primary schools. During the Spring Term, the sessions are lecture based with guest speakers invited in to enhance our student’s awareness to issues beyond school life and cover core PSHE themes.