Learning Skills Department including Learning Support

The Learning Skills Department at King's was established to reflect the aims of the School in that all students should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. This is encouraged and developed by all students having access to a broad and balanced curriculum and, in particular, by ensuring that specialist teaching is provided for students identified as needing support at any level. The department co-ordinates an enrichment and learning skills programme for all pupils in the Senior School and provides specialist help for those with learning disabilities and difficulties. Screening of English and Mathematics is carried out in the entrance examination, and again in the first term of entry to School up to Sixth Form level. This helps us identify pupils' potential strengths and individual needs as early as possible in their school career. We feel that it is important to establish a pupil's individual needs before entry to the school so that we are able to provide for them appropriately.

Once a pupil has been identified as needing support - referrals may also come from parents, members of staff and pupils - an informal assessment is carried out by one of the department's highly qualified members of staff. A pupil may then be placed on the Learning Skills Register and parents contacted to discuss the assessment outcome and to set up support. Any pupil who has been placed on the Register will continue to be monitored as they progress through the School. Our specialist tutors are also qualified to screen and assess pupils in school for Access Arrangements for GCSEs and A Levels.

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is written for all students on the Register which is reviewed on a regular basis. These are distributed to Form and House Tutors, subject teachers and Heads of Departments. Copies of IEPs along with the Register are also available to all members of staff on the Staff network. Much emphasis is placed on encouraging students to become independent learners so that they are able to cope with the demands of the mainstream curriculum, as well as preparing them for life after they leave King's.

Tuition may be in 1:1, paired or small group sessions, and pupils may be advised to attend one or more of the specialist drop-in clinics which operate in each department. At King's, we believe that this is an essential part of a pupil's personal development and as such, no charge is made for extra tuition.

The Learning Skills Department has a suite of dedicated rooms situated above the award-winning library. These rooms are well-resourced with computers, literature, games and activities for the support of those with SpLDs as well as for Learning Skills in general. In this quiet but central location, staff and pupils are encouraged to drop in at any time.