Knowing how to speak one or preferably more modern foreign languages is vital in ever more walks of modern life, whether in science, technology, business, law, media or the arts.

Because of the importance of communication we make learning Spanish, French or German rewarding, enjoyable and suitably challenging. In addition to the highly committed and professional teachers, resources include a multimedia centre, standard text books and references, online subscriptions, specialist software and applications. Permanent foreign language assistants provide oral tuition and further encourage students to develop their linguistic skills. A walk-in support clinic runs twice weekly.

Beyond the classroom there is a programme of frequent exchanges and visits, such as to France: Le Vesinet, Paris and the capital of Champagne: Reims, Germany: Cologne, Berlin and Bavaria, and Spain: Zaragoza. Extended work experience abroad is increasingly part of the A Level course.

Foreign language performances by professional theatre companies and visits from guest speakers all add to the linguistic experience.

After school Mandarin Chinese Club remains a popular extra-curricular activity and in recent years pupils have had access to learning Russian, Arabic, Japanese or Italian either with in-house support or completely independently.


  • Languages carousel in Year Seven
  • Full programme of exchanges
  • Sixth Form work experience abroad
  • Cultural immersion
  • Mandarin lessons
  • MFL Society
  • Oxbridge linguists