Our children take part in a number of musical performances each year; at Christmas all children are involved in either a concert or a production, with our Carol Service at Ombersley being a highlight of the Christmas season. Annual productions, invariably musicals, take place in the Spring and Summer terms for all children.

We have a large group of peripatetic music teachers offering lessons in all orchestral instruments, as well as the usual piano, guitar, drums and voice. Music groups on offer at lunch time and after school include string group, recorder group, glockenspiel group, windband, orchestra and choir. It is important to note that all music activities (even orchestra) are open to musicians of all abilities, even beginners. Other clubs such as 'African Drumming' and 'CD in a term' (designing, writing and recording CDs from scratch) run for limited periods throughout the year.

Music Technology is now offered as an activity to Years 5 & 6. In this club, children compose pop music on laptops using specialist software. The programme itself provides the children with no 'help' or suggestions for melodic ideas, just the capacity to create and store entirely original musical concepts. On the far right-hand side of the screen are four links whereby you can hear some examples of the children's work.