Our aim is that all pupils at King’s should be given the opportunity to discover and explore their own musical talent and interests, should enjoy making music and listening to music made by others and appreciate the enrichment that music can bring to their own lives at and beyond school.

Music is a core component of life at King’s and supports the talents and interests of all its pupils. Historically the music department at King’s has long been a centre of excellence and maintains strong links with the music of Worcester Cathedral and the musical life of the town. Through an active programme of class music, practical music examinations, extra-curricular activities and over twenty concerts a year, the department has supported many pupils who have become professional performers, composers and conductors in both classical and popular music. The Music Honours Board in the Music School lists many of these former pupils. Links with Oxbridge Colleges and music conservatoires are well established.

The Music School is housed in Castle House, a former boarding house, and includes a range of teaching rooms and practice rooms. The Elgar Room is the main teaching space for Fourth Form lessons through to Fifth Form and was converted in 2015 to incorporate modern equipment with twenty-five workstations featuring a keyboard and laptop with Cubase and Sibelius software. In addition, all workstations can be controlled by the teacher and displayed on the seventy-inch touchscreen TV with facilities to record any work directly into the teacher’s computer. There are a further two classrooms as well as a rehearsal space, drum studio and twelve teaching and practice rooms. Near to the Music School, the Chappel Memorial Room serves as the main rehearsal space for ensembles. The department has the use of a harpsichord, three organs, a wide range of percussion and a collection of instruments for hire. The department is also well equipped with a large public address system, microphones, amplifiers and a sixteen channel mixer for use in the termly Open Mic Night, which takes place in the Michael Baker Boathouse. The department is served by a Director of Music, Heads of Strings, Music Assistant, Music Administrator and twenty-five instrumental teachers.

The termly ensembles concert gives the senior groups: the Choir, three orchestras, Wind Band and Jazz Band an opportunity to showcase their talent in College Hall. There is also a wide range of solo concerts each term demonstrating the skill of many pupils including the Music Scholars. For further details about Music Scholarships please contact the Registrar. If you would like to meet the Director of Music Mr Simon Taranczuk informally in advance of the audition please contact him directly at staranczuk@ksw.org.uk. Open Mic Nights are a new venture and give an outlet for the many talented pop musicians to perform. Examples of performances from all of these events can be found by going to the Music Department’s Soundcloud page.

Over the course of the year over one hundred and fifty pupils take practical music exams. Between ten and twenty pupils achieve Grade 8 each year. Exams for Trinity and Associated Board take place at school in the Music Department. Other exams such as Music Theatre usually take place locally such as at the Elgar School of Music.

Biennial trips abroad are a strong and popular aspect of the department’s work and in recent years have included highly successful concert tours of France, Spain, Czech Republic and Italy.