The PSHE programme at King's is designed to challenge students with aspects of social and moral responsibility at each stage of their development. Assemblies and Acts of Worship also promote pupils' spiritual, moral and social growth.

Whilst King's is noted for its friendliness and the happiness of its pupils, we recognize that there are times when pupils have worries or complaints; the School has a Chaplain and School Nurses who are able to offer confidential advice.

The School Chaplain, Mark Dorsett, oversees the religious life of the School. He presides over many of the school services in the Cathedral. He also runs the Chaplaincy Centre. Pupils may come here to chat to Dr Dorsett in confidence about any of their concerns, whether personal, academic or spiritual.

The School employs two fully-qualified nurses in the Health Centre throughout the working week, with one of them on duty at any time. Both nurses are able to offer confidential advice on health and other personal matters. They are also on hand if a pupil is unwell or sustains an injury. In the Health Centre, there are two rooms with beds if a pupil needs to lie down before he or she has to go home, as well as a consulting room and a waiting area.

The School's Counselling Service is in addition to the already well-established provision for pastoral care, guidance and support for pupils in the school. Our Counsellor has been practising for many years, is British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited, and has experience in working with young people, families, couples and adults. She is available to work with pupils when they are experiencing particular problems or concerns which may be easier to share with someone other than a member of staff, and her training enables her to develop a working relationship with the pupils, with the aim of facilitating their growth and emotional development. All that is shared by the pupils will be treated in confidence - the Counsellor is concerned for the pupil's safety or that of others: she abides by the BACP code of ethics.