Politics is an ever-growing subject at King’s and has become a popular choice in the Sixth Form. It is a challenging and exciting subject, constantly changing and developing and one which requires students to be fully aware of current affairs. In Politics there are no unchangeable truths - instead, students have to assess and respond to a variety of approaches and doctrines.


Politics is an excellent A Level to take in combination with any other A Level subjects as it is stimulating and encourages individuals to think. This latter quality is why so many business people, lawyers and teachers and even politicians have taken Politics at A Level.

Politics at King’s is enjoyed inside and outside of the classroom with regular trips and activities being organised. Pupils have the chance to visit the Houses of Parliament and have to opportunity to visit Washington and New York. In the past class, pupils have had the chance to quiz Worcester MP Robin Walker, as well as the Bishop of Worcester and host a political forum with some high profile members from both the British and European Parliaments. We hope to continue this as our newest member of the department used to be an MP!

The course at A Level includes a wide ranging study of UK and US Politics. Pupils gain a thorough understanding of the two political systems as well as an up to date understanding of the wider world.