Reception is the starting point for the inspirational educational journey that our pupils undertake as they move through the King’s foundation.

Our number one priority is the well-being and happiness of our pupils. Young children learn from everything that happens to them and around them and our children thrive on the opportunities offered. We aim to promote children’s natural curiosity, creativity and critical thinking through fun, play-based tasks, which children can actively explore and develop.

Two delightful classrooms adjoin safe, enclosed outdoor play areas. Children can play with water, dig their toes into the sand-pit or build ramps and runways: the choice is endless.

We recognise that children who feel confident in themselves and in their own ability have a head start in learning. All the children are treasured as individuals and are encouraged to explore their gifts and strengths in order to achieve their full potential. What children can do, rather than what they cannot, is the starting point in their learning and planning is flexible so that children’s individual needs and interests can be followed.