Religion and Philosophy at King's aims to produce religiously literate pupils capable of thinking philosophically.

Religion and Philosophy offers a unique opportunity for pupils to think about some of the things that really matter: Is there a God? Why is there evil and suffering in the world? Is war ever justified? Is there life after death? What is the purpose of life?

The answers to most of these questions are hotly debated. Students are therefore required to think critically so that they can identify good arguments from bad. In other words, students learn to think philosophically.

Our examination courses provide a rigorous intellectual challenge. Research in the United States has demonstrated that students studying Philosophy score higher on the university graduate entrance examinations than students who major in any other field of study apart from Mathematics and the Natural Sciences. Furthermore, Philosophy scores higher than every other subject in developing students' verbal skills. By learning to express your arguments orally and in writing, the IGCSE and A Level in Philosophy and Religion will prepare you for the rigours of university and good careers beyond. Your brain will hurt at times but as Aristotle taught, excellence only comes through repeated mental endeavour.

A further benefit of the courses is that they will improve your religious literacy, an important skill in a world, for good and ill and everything in between, that is still dominated by religion.


  • Sixth Form conference in Oxford
  • Visiting speakers and Philosophy Club
  • Close links to the Cathedral and Chaplaincy
  • Psychology Club