Sports are an important feature of King’s life. We've incorporated many different pursuits into our sporting calendar: you'll find the more traditional sports on the Main Sports page (Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rowing and Football), and a selection of the many other choices under Other Sports (Athletics, Basketball, Rounders, Sailing, Swimming and Tennis).

At King’s we have a holistic approach to our sports coaching and physical education, taking the view that every student has the potential to achieve something worthwhile and even to excel in certain fields. We firmly believe that success in sporting skills and attainment can have a fulfilling and positive effect on the rest of school life and beyond. We are committed to offering the highest coaching standards and, in return, expect the students in our care to give their very best in all training sessions and when representing the school. We expect our students to respect their team-mates, opponents and match officials, to win and lose with good grace and to act as positive sporting ambassadors for the school.