Our well-qualified teaching staff are committed to the development of each and every child. We feel that happiness is central to success and aim to provide an environment that is both secure and challenging. We aim to instill a love of learning that will prepare our children well for the challenges of Senior School and life beyond school. We encourage our children to give of their very best and applaud the achievements of all within our school community.

Most staff can be contacted directly by e-mail - click on those that are in red to send an e-mail.

Members of Staff With Senior Responsibilities

Head James Turner, BEd (Hons), Dip.Ed. A.C.P. Pastoral

Deputy Head Laura Baxter, BSc (Hons), PGCE. School Management, Science, School Council

Assistant Head Penny Bradley, BEd (Hons). Head of Pre-Prep, Year 2 Class Teacher

Assistant Head  Amanda Marshall-Walker BA (Hons). School Management, Year 5 Class Teacher, House System, Head of Girls' Games

Director of Studies Joel Turvey BA (Hons), PGCE. Assessments, English, Year 5 Class Teacher


Prep Department

Celia Rawnsley, BA (Hons), PGCE, MSc. Humanities, Year 3 Class Teacher

Richard Cook, BSc (Hons). PGCE. E-Safety and E-Communications. Year 4 Class Teacher

Janet Redman, BEd (Hons), MEd. Outward Bounds, Educational Visits Co-ordinator, Year 4 Class Teacher

Ian Percival, BA (Hons), PGCE.  School Magazine, Year 6 Class Teacher

Sam Hodgkins, BSc (Hons), QTS. Director of Sport. PE and Games

Sophie Hughes, BA (Hons), PGCE. Director of Music and Performance. Music.

Caroline Knight, BEd (Hons). OCR. Years 3 and 4 Coordinator, PSHE, Year 4 Class Teacher

Helen Fowler* BA (Hons), PGCE. OCR Cert. SENCO

Lisa Hyde BA (Hons) Modern Languages, PGCE. Modern Foreign Languages, Y6 Class Teacher, Year 5 and 6 Coordinator

Joanna Atkins* BA Ed (Hons). Class Teacher

Leanne Stephens BA (Hons), PGCE. Drama 

Tara McCullough* BA (Hons), PGCE. RE

Kathy Turk* BA, MA, PGCE.  Art

Jo Chambers BA (Hons), ARCM, PGCE, DipEd. Music - Whole Class Violin 

Kate Chapman, BA (Hons), PGCE. Maths, Year 3 Class Teacher

* part time



Anna Kingston, BA (Hons), PGCE. Reports Coordinator, Activities Leader, Year 1 Class Teacher 

Helen Willis. BEd (Hons), Library Coordinator, Year 1 Class Teacher
Joanne Rand, MSC, PGCE, Science Coordinator, Year 2 Class Teacher


Early Years

Jill Willis, BA Ed (Hons). Head of Early Years, Kindergarten 2 Co-ordinator

Gill Riley, BSc (Hons), PGCE. Deputy Head of Early Years, Reception Class Teacher

Anna Leatherdale, BSc (Hons) GTP, Reception Class Teacher

Abi Jeavons, BA Hons). Kindergarten 1 Coordinator 


Classroom Assistants

Kevin J Bethell BTEC2/NVQ. HLTA, Sports Assistant, Year 2 teaching

Helen Chapman, NVQ3. Reception TA

Sue Doorbar, WPQTA, Reception TA

Kathy Goodman, NNEB. Year 1 TA

Caroline Green. BTec, Reception TA

Mandi Griffiths-Garbett, MA, NVQ3. Year 2 TA

Liz MacDonald MA, NVQ3. Year  1 and 2 TA

Samantha Hodson, BSc (Hons). Year 2 TA

Abi Hershman, Support Teacher

Sam Routledge Fdn Degree -Education, Year 1 TA

Sue Surey NVQ3, Year 1 TA

Judith Ireland, Learning Support

Rebecca Pearman, BA (Hons), Reception TA


Sports Assistants

Gemma Holtham, PE and Games, Reception TA

William Hollis, Sports Assistant 
Daniel Austin, Sports Assistant


Science/Art Technician

Sue Elliott


Kindergarten Staff

Debbie Field, NVQ3

Karen Farrow, NVQ3

Sarah A Gwillam BA (Hons)

Judy Hooper, DPP3

Elaine Jennings, NVQ3

Chris Kennedy, NVQ3

Joanne Obrey, NNEB

Sam Powell BA (Hons)

Sue Watts Cert Ed

Jo Simons, Fdn Degree 

Mairi Jones, NVQ3  


After School Care

Dorothy Hodgkiss, NVQ3

Yvonne Hutton, NVQ3, Daily lunch time supervisor

Daniel Austin



Fiona Geary, RGN


Administrative Staff

Laura Crowe, Head's PA

Gemma Woolley, School Secretary

Donna Wenyon, Registrar


Peripatetic Staff

Roy Adams, Drums

Angela Allard BMus (Hons) - Piano

Amanda Allsop, BMus (Hons) - Woodwind

Steve Bridgwater, A.L.C.M. - Guitar

Anne Hughes, Flute

Hazel Whitefoot, Msc (Oxon), BA, BA Jnt Hons, PGCE - Brass

Jo Chambers, BA (Hons), ARCM PGCE DipEd - Violin

Sarah Stone, BMus, MSc - Voice

Sean Gilde, BA (Hons) Birm DipABSM (Vc) /DipABSM (VcP/VcT) / DipAdvKIB/DipKIB / MISM

Katie Ind, Dip.LCM, ALCM, LLCM, BA(Hons)Jazz - Woodwind

Claire Prewer-Jenkins - Voice


Catering Staff

Tracey Widdows

Ceri Barker

Melissa Bates

Cheryl Scott

Sarah Hand

Beverley Silvester

Carol Young 



Nick Vaughan


Andy Callow