The early school years are so important. At King’s St Alban’s we believe passionately in offering an outstanding all-round education to all our children.


We are small enough to care for each and every child; our staff know pupils and their families well and we are very proud of our reputation for excellent pastoral care. We are also big enough to offer a genuine sense of community and a wide range of opportunities. I want every child to feel safe, secure and happy because we all know that happy children thrive. We are blessed with a pretty, convenient site and excellent facilities next to the senior school adjacent to the Cathedral.

We want all children to achieve, to try new and different things and perhaps find an area of particular interest. We are proud of our inclusive approach to sport, music, dance and drama but equally proud to offer opportunities to those who show a real aptitude in their chosen areas. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see busy, happy, fulfilled children. Our dedicated teachers foster a love of learning and a grounding in learning skills. Children are supported, nurtured and challenged in the safe environment of the classroom. Class sizes are small, allowing personalised learning and our recent focus on growth mind-set has allowed us to model and consider skills such as resilience, curiosity and reflectiveness. Visitors often comment on the warmth of our welcome and the buzz of the school.

I hope you find our website interesting and helpful but only a visit can really give you a sense of what we are all about. Please do come and see us on a working day or open morning.

Richard Chapman