King's St Alban's

8 February

2 Faced Dance Workshop

In preparation for our Creative ConneXions 2019, ‘The Beauty of Change,’ we invited 2 Faced Dance to run a workshop for our year six pupils. 2 Faced Dance are a professional, all male dance company that fuses contemporary, ballet and street dance.

Jason Boyle, who led the workshop introduced the children to different techniques with an emphasis on trust. The children practised this by lifting and supporting each other. He was very keen for the children to step out of their comfort zone.  He went on to stress the importance of continued practise when trying anything new and that everyone should give the tasks he had planned a go.

The children worked industriously in pairs and threes to come up with phrases of movement linked to their themes. The Year 6 theme is Environmental and World Change, 6P’s dance is all about Food Shortages in the Third World, 6 HM’s dance looks at Plastic Pollution in the ocean, 6DB’s dance is all about Climate Change and 6 KB’s dance depicts a time where humans may have to look for new planets to find oxygen. The children worked on their class dance and at the end of the day they were able to perform what they had created in front of their teachers and peer group.

We look forward to seeing how the dances develop over the next few weeks, ready for the performance of ‘The Beauty of Change’ in the John Moore Theatre on the 3rd and 4th April.