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19 November

2011 Reunion at the Robinsons’

We were immensely grateful to OV Lucy Robinson (K 04-11), along with her father Ian (Hon OV) and mother, Alison, for hosting a small reunion at their home for the year of 2011 when the event at School was unable to go ahead in October. The OVs met for drinks and food, along with several of their former teachers, and it was wonderful to hear that a most enjoyable evening was had by all. Ten years after leaving King’s there was lots to catch up on, especially after a year of lockdown and restricted opportunities to meet with friends.

Joining Lucy on the evening were: Phoebe Cox, Gene Corbett, Hannah Ray, Beth Keehan, Pete Preston, Tom Westley, Emma Pearman, Hugo Watkins, Harriet Cornock, Rob Cowburn, Stu Whitehouse, Russell Whitehouse, Alex Hirons, Zack Pemberton-Whiteley, Katie Lawrence, Millie Sephton, Alan Frost, Ethan Sugden, Charles Davies, Dan Brooks, Philippa Lucas, Lauren Bath, Lucy Robinson, Ollie Scholes, Will Kirrage, Mikey Serafini and Lambros Pardale.

2011 Reunion Lucy Robinson

Lucy said, “It was such a wonderful opportunity to catch up with people after so long apart. Although harrowed by the realisation that it has already been a decade since we left school, we took great joy in reminiscing about our time at King’s. We didn’t quite feel 18 again (will we ever?!), but having this celebration at my parents’ house, where we’d hosted many similar occasions over my time at King’s, was a lovely way to mark the 10 years and it was such a joy to see some of our teachers.”

A big thank you to the Robinsons for their hospitality and we hope to see lots of the year of 2011 again soon.