King's St Alban's

20 May

6HM & 6P at Old Chapel

6HM and 6P continued the residentials at the beautiful Old Chapel near Crickhowell this week and most of the week the classes benefitted from the good weather that we have been having. The children enjoyed a scenic walk up to Tal Y Maes bridge, learning more about the history and the geography of the valley along the way. On the way back the children found out more about silver birch and bracken and its uses when starting fires. They were able to test this when creating their own small fires in groups using a firesteel. All of the groups kept their fire going and used their campfires to toast marshmallows and turn them into delicious smores! On Tuesday night, Mr Chapman joined us for a fish and chip supper followed by games around the fire. Some of the children also entertained Mr Chapman with an Old Chapel rap and a macarena style Old Chapel dance, all created by the children. The children all took part in team building activities which included the web, a gutter challenge and the grid. All of these activities require the children to communicate instructions in different ways as well as work together to complete a range of challenges. The children have loved spending time in the beautiful woodland on the other side of the stream and we have seen some excellent pieces of environmental art and some fantastic dens of varying sizes, one even included a mezzanine level!  

It has been a wonderful two weeks of residentials at the Old Chapel. It is always so nice to see the children embrace the opportunity to spend time with each other learning new skills, engaging in the natural world around them and hopefully making memories that they will remember for years to come.