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15 April

A Beautiful Virtual Performance

We were so lifted and thrilled to hear a beautiful performance recently of Now The Green Blade Riseth by OV Matthew Kelley (S 10-17) and fellow Durham University student and singer Catherine Perkins.

As well as preparing for his final exams next month, Matthew has continued to arrange and perform music virtually with fellow students. Matthew told us:

“As a musician, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been able to work with my fellow students at Durham over the past year to create these ‘virtual’ performances online. During a time when we can’t meet or perform together in person such opportunities have been a sustaining light for all of us, as well for those who have viewed them. As well as keeping us connected, projects like this have also given us a chance to enhance our creativity in the process of making them – I’ve been able to learn so many new skills that I can take forward into the years ahead.

In this case, Catherine & I were particularly keen to produce a performance that would resonate with our current situation this Easter. For us, the verses of Now The Green Blade fit perfectly with the newfound positivity surrounding the months ahead, and we’re so pleased to have reached so many people who feel the same way through this video. It really shows the power that music can have on us all!”

Thank you so much to Matthew and Catherine for this wonderful performance which you can listen to here .