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18 June

A Catch-up with OV and Former Robert Harley Award Recipient

As a follow-up to our news last week about The Robert Harley Award, it was a real pleasure to welcome OV Sam Walker (Ch 10-17) back to King’s Worcester this week. Sam received The Robert Harley Award in his final year at King’s and used the grant towards a trip to work on a bird rescue and rehabilitation centre near Montreal, Canada. Without the financial assistance of The Robert Harley Award, this trip would not have been a possibility and Sam enjoyed his time in Canada and his work at the centre so much that he is determined to return to Canada at some point in the future.

Sam is just coming to the end of his third year at The University of Southampton, where he is studying for an integrated Masters in Marine Biology. Whilst this year has been tremendously tough for the students, given the difficulties of, and restrictions on, attending lab tutorials in person, Sam is hugely positive and is thoroughly enjoying the course.

During his visit back to King’s, Sam and Development Director, Liz Elliott visited the Biology department, where Sam had spent many hours during his own time at the School. He was thrilled to meet his sixth form teacher of Biology, Mrs Nicki Essenhigh (Co 84-86) as well as Head of Biology, Hon OV Dr Matt Parkin. They were both very interested to hear about the research work that Sam has been doing in Southampton, looking into the impact of ecological light pollution on coral reefs.

Sam Walker

Sam has also enjoyed a number of trips on the research boat at The University of Southampton, which allows the students to carry out marine research activities, such as sediment sampling, CTD deployment (Conductivity (salinity), Temperature and Depth (pressure) of water) and net tows along the Solent and the south coast.

Dr Parkin also talked about the work that he is doing in addition to his teaching at King’s, writing a syllabus for an International Marine Science AS and A level course, so he was particularly interested to hear about Sam’s own experiences. Dr Parkin has a number of published books that aid students in their study of A levels, one of which supports this Marine Science course.

Sam Walker Dr Parkin Book

We are always delighted to see OVs who have recently left King’s, back in School, and their teachers really enjoy the opportunity to find out what their former students are up to.

We wish Sam all the very best as he heads into his final Masters year at Southampton and we look forward to hearing what he gets up to next!