King's St Alban's

22 March

A day of outdoor adventure and discovery.

Each term Year 2 come off timetable for a whole day to spend time at King’s St Alban’s dedicated Forest School day. Last Friday, the spring sun shone, making it the perfect weather for a day of outdoor adventure and learning.

Dedicating the whole day to Forest School activities, the pupils had plenty of time to explore the great outdoors and play. Pupils used their imagination and creativity to build some outstanding dens and forts, which were later used as the perfect hiding places for hide and seek!  The swing, as always, was also in high demand!

Miss Cartwright, our fully qualified Forest School leader, likes to challenge our pupils, with Year 2 children being no exception. Challenging them to learn new skills, their task last Friday was to make a piece of natural art. First, they had to saw their own wood from a larger log (with adult support of course!) Then they designed a pattern and hammered nails into their wood to create their shape. The finishing touch was to weave wool around their nails to create the pattern they had drawn. The children persevered with this challenging task and the end results were fantastic!

During the course of the afternoon session, the pupils were delighted to get the campfire going in order to make popcorn. The children loved watching the kernels and were very excited to see them pop! Some of the kernels did get slightly burnt but we left those for the birds to enjoy over the weekend. To conclude the exciting day, the pupils planted  sunflowers in the sunshine to take home and grow – we look forward to seeing the results next term! It was a lovely, busy day of outdoor adventure and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.