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14 May

A Lesson in Languages for this OV

It was an absolute pleasure to see OV Sam Ness (W 12-19) in School this week. Sam has returned briefly to help out as the Spanish Language Assistant for the MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) department. Alongside his day-to-day duties, Sam also spoke with some L6 students about his university experience, what they can expect, and options available. Everyone was most surprised to learn that if you are doing a foreign language degree, at least half the lessons and assignments will be in English so to expect your language skills to plateau from the great strides made during A Level. Sam noted that this does have the upside of giving you the freedom to further your language skills in different ways, such as independent study, finding conversation groups, or even a phone app, rather than relying on formal lessons alone.

Sam is currently coming to the end of his 2nd year at King’s College London studying Joint Honours Degree in French and Spanish, following an auspicious 1st year when he won both the Henry Neville Gladstone Exhibition (SPLAS) award and the Baroness Von Schlippenbach Prize, both for excelling academically and being top of the year.

As with most universities, King’s College moved to an online experience at the end of last year, so Sam has been studying from home. Showing an aptitude for multi-tasking, Sam explained that he’s in the midst of his end of year exams, so once his day at King’s Worcester has finished, he’s off to sit the latest open-book paper (they are given 24hours to complete their exam online once the link goes live).

On being back at School but as a member of the teaching staff, Sam observed: “It is really nice being back and seeing so many people I didn’t expect to see and helping out, but it is so strange wearing a lanyard that the teachers all have to wear and I keep thinking I’ve got it on by mistake!”

Sam Ness OV with KSW L6 students

All being well, Sam hopes this next academic year will see him furthering his studies in Paris at the Sciences Po (the Paris Institute of Political Studies) and then onto Cadiz.

We would like to wish Sam well with his future studies and look forward to seeing what happens next!