King's St Alban's

1 April

A professional performance.

Creative Connexions, our annual festival of the arts at King’s St. Alban’s took place earlier this week, and what a professional performance it was! Aiming to give the pupils of King’s St Alban’s the opportunity to perform on stage, the festival encourages pupils to explore contemporary issues brought together under a festival theme.

This year our Creative Connexions theme was A Night at the Gallery and culminated in a fantastic celebration of art and dance. The featured artists included Van Gogh, Vernet, Kusema and Basquiat to mention a few. Each class from the Prep School (Year 3 to Year 6) took inspiration from their chosen artwork and brought it to life through dance. They were encouraged to work in pairs and groups to choreograph parts of the dance for themselves. Some of the dances were closely linked to the artworks whilst others interpreted it in a more abstract way. The children in 5P chose to look at the work of Yayioi Kusama; they had tremendous fun recreating balls of light in various ways just like the famous Infinity Mirrors, which is installed at Tate gallery. This fun style dance contrasted sharply with 6KB’s dance to the music One Shot from the musical Hamilton. In this dance the children showed us the importance of cultural diversity, having a growth mindset and accepting people’s differences.

Outside the John Moore Theatre, the location for our outstanding performances, the pupil’s artwork was displayed. There is no doubt that the dazzling display of art wowed our audience whilst our poetry competition winners excelled in not only their writing but their public speaking abilities, supporting the artwork beautifully. It was an enchanting and emotional evening that will hopefully stay in the hearts of those who took part for a very long time.

The production, performed on two evenings, was both thought-provoking and entertaining but also performed to a highly professional level that impressed the audience. Mr Chapman, Head of King’s St Alban’s was blown away by the quality of the performance.  He went on to comment, “Creative Connexions is a genuine celebration of the arts, embracing poetry, dance and artwork for all of our children. The theme, A Night at the Gallery allowed all classes freedom to explore dances based on artwork from the National Gallery and this was remarkably rich from an educational perspective.  Indeed, Creative Connexions ends with two remarkable ‘shows’ but it is so much more!  It is an educational journey over many weeks, exploring the arts, embracing collaboration and requiring growth mindset and a movement away from comfort zones.  That all children perform, and all seem really to enjoy it, says a lot!