King's St Alban's

18 March

A Roman Adventure for Year 4.

Year 4 boarded the coach on Wednesday with great anticipation and excitement for a visit to Chedworth Roman Villa. A regular feature in the Year 4 trips calendar for many years, Chedworth Roman Villa is located approximately 10 miles from Cirencester. The remains of the villa were rediscovered by the gamekeeper from the surrounding Stilwell Estate in the mid 1800s. The remains of walls can be seen, as well as the intricate mosaic floors. There are also remains of the hypocaust system and bathhouse.

The extremely well-behaved King’s St Alban’s Year 4 cohort started their day with a tour of this fascinating site, with many pupils asking lots of inquisitive questions. Their guide thanked them for showing such interest and asking many questions. The pupils particularly enjoyed seeing the impressive mosaics. They were even able to make their own mosaics in the recently built education pavilion. It was great to be able to shelter from the less than favourable British weather! After a leisurely lunch they went to the museum, where they saw many Roman artefacts including a Roman spoon, spade, horseshoe, collider, statues and even some Roman graffiti. Once again the children were full of questions, enabling them to extend their learning and understanding of the subject matter. We are sure that this will support further learning of the subject back in the classroom.

Back on the bus, the children were chatty and happy, if not just a little soggy; it didn’t stop raining! This was a most enjoyable and educational experience for the whole cohort!