King's Hawford

6 July

A Special Speech Day for Year 6

As we bring the school year to a close and our Year 6 pupils prepare to say goodbye to King’s Hawford, we’ve been enjoying a whole range of events to mark their departure including an action-packed Activity Week, and most recently our annual Speech Day.

Speech Day is historically a whole school celebration, providing an opportunity for the entire King’s Hawford Community to come together to celebrate achievements, look back on the year, and of course bid farewell to our Year 6 pupils.

Although we had to make some adjustments to this year’s celebrations we were determined to make it a special affair and were delighted to be able to welcome our Year 6 children and their parents into school on Saturday 3rd July for an intimate Celebration Assembly.

Following an opening address from Mr Doodes, in which he thanked Mrs Phillips for her leadership and congratulated the children on the ambition, resilience, humility, love, kindness and compassion they have shown,  we enjoyed musical performances from Arthur H and Robert L, a LAMDA performance from Joe T E, and an energetic Dance Mix performance from Lily B, Daisy J, Florence B, Phoebe T, Velvet B and Charlotte H-M.

An inspiring Address from Mrs Phillips followed which gave us a chance to reflect upon everything that has been achieved this year whilst keeping our legendary community spirit alive.

As I look down the list of names in front of me, each one gives me cause to smile. Whether you have achieved musical, sporting or academic excellence during your time here, been a caring and supportive friend, made progress in an area that you found challenging, or been one of those people that everyone relies on to keep spirits high, you have each given something back to the school, and we value and appreciate you all.

Mrs Phillips


Thank you Year  6

A huge thank you to Mr Stigant for creating a very entertaining Year 6 Leavers’ Film which included interviews with our pupils to discover their fondest Hawford memories, with plenty of giggles along the way.

Moving on to the prize giving part of Speech Day, we were filled with pride to see so many of our pupils receiving an award in recognition of their hard work and commitment. We celebrated academic progress, sporting excellence, co-curricular achievements, and those who have shown a talent for performing arts. Thank you to Mr Hugh Carslake, Chairman of the Governors, for presenting the awards.

For the final performance we were treated to a rendition of “I Believe I Can Fly” from our Year 6 pupils.  A beautiful afternoon tea followed thanks to our catering team, as pupils and parents shared stories of their time at King’s Hawford.

Year 6 – we are so unbelievably proud of your achievements, your progress, and the people you have become. You have made your mark on Hawford and for that we will be forever grateful. We wish you every success for the next step in your journey and can’t wait to hear about your progress.

Year 6 Prize Winners

Progress Awards

English Progress Prize – Jack J
The Colonel Williams Cup for Progress – Archie D

Subject Awards

The Brierley English Cup – Alexander F
The Hawford Maths Cup – Cameron H
The Cartwright Science Cup – Eric G
The Colonel Knight French Cup – Benjamin A
The Hawford German Cup – Noah S
The Hyde Cup for Languages – Henry F
The Hawford History Cup – Thomas L
The George Cup for Geography – Cyrus H
The Humanities Prize 6LH – Bluebell M
The Humanities Prize 6JA – George Y
The Hawford Computing Prize – Arthur T
The Mike Cup for Art – Lily B
The Technology Cup – Robert L

Performing Arts

The Lythgoe Music Cup – Arthur H
The Hawford Singing Prize – Beau C
The Morrison Performing Arts Cup – Daisy J
The Drama Prize 6LH – Alessio M
The Drama Prize 6JA – Velvet B
The Sproule Cup for Speech and Drama – Joe T-E
The Hawford Dance Prize – Phoebe T

Sports Activities

The Roscoe Cup for Outward Bounds – Nathan S
The Hawford Environmentalist Prize – Etienne H
The Davies Cup for Sporting Versatility – Girl – Florence B
The Davies Cup for Sporting Versatility – Boy – Barney D
Sporting Commitment Prize – Girl – Lucy K
Sporting Commitment Prize – Boy – Ryan W
Athletics Prize – Girl – Charlotte H-M
Athletics Prize – Boy – Hayden S

Head's Award

William Symonds Cup for Good Fellowship – Cyrus H
The Hershman Cup – Outstanding All-rounder – Hayden S
The Annabel Cup for Exceptional Contribution to the School – Florence B
The Headteacher’s Cup – Benjamin A