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8 October

A Thoughtful Theological OV

It was fantastic to see OV George Gudgeon (Os 08-15) back at King’s this week.

The main reason for George’s visit was altruistic, as he was donating over 30 books to the Religious Studies department. George explained: “I remembered that Dr Dorsett (Hon OV) and Dr Head (Hon OV) had a little library of books for their students to do some extra reading. They would often bring in their own books and were always keeping an eye out for new ones to bring in for us to borrow, which I always thought was very generous of them. I thought donating my A Level and Degree books would be a nice but belated ‘thank you’ to them both.”

Having studied Religious Studies at King’s, George went on to achieve a First in Theology and Religion at Exeter last year (2020). Shortly after completing his degree, George moved to Barcelona to accept a position with a travel company he had worked for previously on his Erasmus ‘year in industry’ as a copywriter. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the offer was rescinded, as the company ended up having to make employee cuts. Undeterred, George remained in Barcelona. He started working remotely for an energy monitoring and consultancy company based in Birmingham, assisting in the creation and maintenance of programs that monitor various stores and business’ buildings’ energy usage, in order to make them more environmentally friendly.

George returned to the UK in August to join his Birmingham employer in the office.

When asked about his visit to King’s, George said: “It felt very strange being back at School and it was particularly nostalgic having a school dinner again and seeing the buildings and classrooms. Sitting at the teachers’ table was quite funny!

“It was really nice having a catch up with Dr Head over lunch, and I was happy to have managed to see Mr Davis and have a quick chat with him too; they both have a good taste in music and I’d quite often try to talk to them about music in their lessons. It would have been great to see some of my other teachers too although I did spot Mr Sharp giving a rowing lesson – my friends and I still talk about his very dry humour and the jokes he made in his lessons that we loved. I hadn’t expected to be invited for a school dinner and have the chance to see some of the School again after dropping off the box of books, so it was a very nice surprise.”

A Thoughtful Theological George Gudgeon

On his memories of George, Dr Head added: “George was a thoughtful and intelligent A level student. I don’t think he did the GCSE in Religious Studies and so he was an unknown quantity to start with but ended up going to Exeter to read Theology! George also had a great taste in music and gave me a Black Keys CD when he left, who ended up being one of my favourite bands.”

George, you, along with all OVs, are always very welcome back to King’s!