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15 November

A Trip to Archives

One of the real pleasures we have at King’s is welcoming OVs to our archives and the School archivist, Harriet Patrick is always delighted to meet and talk to OVs about their memories of King’s and share with them, information from the archives – quite often this will include House and Sporting Team photos and excerpts from The Vigornian magazine from when they were at School.  The most recent visitor to the archives was Henry Shouler (H 49-56).  Henry had previously received electronic versions of his Cricket U14 and Hostel House photos in which he and his two brothers, Charles (H 48-51) and Frank (49-53) appeared.  He very kindly offered to share with Harriet the names of some of his friends who he recalled from the photos.  Named photos are really important, as they can be preserved for generations in the archives.  Henry was also delighted to discover his numerous appearances in The Vigornian magazine: from taking part in the Debating Society, receiving a cap for his rugby prowess to his (long forgotten) impressive wins at throwing the javelin for the School.

Should you be interested in paying a visit to King’s School Archives, please feel free to contact the archivist, Harriet Patrick on or by phone 01905 721798 (Mon, Thurs, Fri) or phone the Development & Alumni Relations Office on 01905 721737, or by email: