King's St Alban's

14 January

A trip to outer space …

One of science’s most inspiring topics, pupils in Year 2 and Year 5 this week experienced the wonders of Space. Stimulating curiosity our inquisitive pupils entered a large darkened dome, taking a trip to outer space from the comfort of our Pre-Prep hall!

Entering the dome on all fours crawling through a dark tunnel, pupils in Year 2 were full of excitement. Eager faces listened attentively as they learnt about the sun, stars and moon. They were fascinated to learn how the ancient Greeks made up stories related to the constellations, joining the stars to form different pictures in the sky. Pupils correctly recognised that our sun is in fact a star before discovering why it appears to move across the sky. The session concluded with a discussion about the phases of the moon. There is no doubting that it was a super learning experience for Year 2. Pupils from Year 2 commented:


“I liked the stars because they were glittery and shiny.” (Nell)

“I loved the swirling stuff in the sun. I learnt it’s hotter inside the sun than outside!” (Japser)

“My favourite thing was crawling through the tunnel into the dark.” (Henry)


Year 5 were next to enter the mystical dome. They explored our planet, the sun, moor and solar system before discovering how they move and what we see in the sky. Designed to promote observation, pupils within the dome were fascinated to take an in-depth look at the constellations and were thrilled to do some start spotting (based on the evening sky for the evening ahead!). To wrap up the informative session pupils looked at the naming of our constellations and the Greek Gods, Goddesses and Myths behind their names. Year 5 pupils commented:


“I loved learning about stars exploding and the boom sound that they make. It was also interesting to learn how the Greeks named the constellations.” (Barnaby)

“It was really, really good because it felt like I was in space.” (Tia)

“The quality of the animation and the timing of the music was amazing.” (Ace)

“I loved seeing all of the constellations and being close up to the planets.” (Sienna)


All children from both year groups enjoyed their trip to outer space and demonstrated their knowledge asking an abundance of questions. Our thanks go to Explorer Dome for providing such a brilliant experience for our pupils.