King's Hawford

2 July

A View from the Barn – 2nd July 2021

From Mrs Phillips

The penultimate week of term was Arts Week at King’s Hawford.

The children have been involved in a round-robin of creative activities, all on the theme of ‘The Wild West’.

There have been a wide range of sessions on offer and I came across Year 2 making some very beautiful bandanas in the Art room.

Mrs Rawnsley invited her children down to the tipi where there was the opportunity to demonstrate one’s ability to use adjectives effectively in her ‘Wanted’ poster activity.

There were tin can targets, Wild West relays on the field (complete with hobby horses), and some rather impressive cowboy boot sculptures underway in Year 1.

There were dance sessions for all of the children, history lessons about the colonisation of West America and horse shoe designing tasks.

My groups helped paint some beautiful fabric bunting, for use at special events in the future. Sewing this together will be a very therapeutic summer holiday activity, I am sure.

Amongst all of this the dress rehearsal and filming of the school production of Ye-Ha! was going on, ahead of a final performance tonight.

Tomorrow we are inviting our Year 6 children and their parents to a Speech Day, a rather more intimate event than originally planned, but we are delighted that it is going ahead at all.

Mrs Phillips

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