King's St Alban's

9 September

A busy week in Pre-Prep

There is no denying it has been an extremely busy week in King’s St Alban’s Pre-Prep, welcoming back into school children with familiar happy, smiling faces together with lots of new ones too.

Our nursery, which has been open throughout the summer, this week welcomed back lots of old friends full of excitement and stories from their summer holidays. In addition, we were thrilled to open our doors to lots of new children who have all settled in fantastically. Getting to know one another, children have made the most of the glorious sunshine with plenty of outdoor play and time spent in the Forest School.

Reception class have started on their formal educational journey, completing their first week of school. Embracing all aspects of school life, they have amazed us with their positive attitudes and big smiles as they have tackled lunch, swimming, games, Forest School and even French! We are so proud of how they’ve settled into life at King’s St. Alban’s and we are looking forward to getting to know them all over the coming weeks.

Year 1 have now transitioned up the stairs of Pre-Prep, which is a very exciting milestone. Mrs Chatterton has been extremely proud of how hard they have worked. Year 1 have kicked off the term’s learning with a topic based around fairy tales, starting with ‘The Three Little Pigs’. In order to catch the big, bad wolf the children have created wanted posters to help people to find him- let’s hope they work!

Year 2 are now proudly the oldest children in our Pre-Prep department. They have shouldered this new responsibility well. Everyone has enjoyed seeing their friends again and sharing all their holiday news. They have begun their new topic of ‘Castles’ and shared their existing knowledge. From this, they have written questions about things they would like to learn. It’s shaping up to be an exciting half term.

We have really enjoyed welcoming our parents back into the King’s St Alban’s Pre-Prep building this week and the department has a lovely buzz each morning again.