King's Hawford

9 March

A Wonderful World Book Day

It was another wonderful World Book Day at King’s Hawford this year as we celebrated our love of books and reading.

We started the day with a special World Book Day virtual assembly where we looked at the history of this special day and some of the top reasons to celebrate books. We were also joined by some of our teachers who read their favourite stories to the children, and we finished with a book themed quiz.

As always, the children took great advantage of the opportunity to dress up, both in school as part of our keyworker care groups and at home for our children participating in remote learning. The costumes were inspired by their favourite character, book, or a word.

World Book Day Challenge

In the run up to World Book Day, the children were challenged to redraw, recreate, or redesign their favourite book cover. We had some wonderful entries, and as always it was no easy to task to pick our winners, but we’re delighted to share the winning entries:

Year 1 and 2

Winner: Chloe T

Year 3 and 4

Winner: Rose G

Runner Up: Max D

Runner Up:

Year 5 and 6

Winner: Florence B

Runner Up: Eden G

Runner Up: Lily B

To view more of our wonderful entries, watch our YouTube video.