King's St Alban's

7 May

Adventures by the Sea for Year 1

Year 1 have been thoroughly enjoying their new topic this term, ‘Adventures by the Sea’. This has been evident during creative writing lessons where they have produced some great fact files about their chosen sea creatures, describing their appearance, habitats, and diet. The children were interested to learn many new facts such as jellyfish have been around for over 650 million years and that octopuses have three hearts and blue blood! Spending time in our submarine role play area also sparked the children’s imagination when they created their own deep sea diver diaries. It was great to read about all the different animals they had encountered and the different sights they had seen such as sunken ships and coral reefs.

The children began our topic lessons this term by learning about the life of a pirate 300 years ago. They were fascinated to learn the many rules of the Pirate Code such as having to be in bed by 8 o’clock and that if you disobeyed one of the rules you may have been marooned on a desert island! As pirates would have used a compass on board their ships, the children have also improved their compass skills, navigating a map using the 8 points of the compass and learning the names and positions of the five oceans of the world.

We have used underwater themed stories as the inspiration for our art lessons. The children loved creating their own colourful Rainbow Fish collages, complete with a silvery scale and, after reading Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts, the children illustrated the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans by creating their own plastic bag jellyfish.

Year 1 ended the week by celebrating Number Day, raising money for the NSPCC. The children all enjoyed wearing number tops and participating in number activities such as Buddy’s Key Challenge Treasure Hunt and completing outdoor maths challenges in the Forest School area.

Well done, Year 1! We are looking forward to many more adventures by the sea in the classroom over the coming weeks.