We have very enthusiastic teams of pupils attending the Archives Club: volunteers who meet during lunchtime to assist with the running of the Archive, including helping with enquiries, accessioning new items, and setting up displays. 


Archives Club 2020-2021

(To follow after publication of the 2021 issue of The Vigornian.)

Archives Club 2019-2020


In October 2019 the Archivist was contacted by the Archivist at New College, Worcester, requesting assistance with research into the college’s early history.  New College was originally established at The Commandery as the College for the Blind Sons of Gentlemen in 1866 by Revd Robert Hugh Blair, Third Master at The King’s School, 1861-1866.  During its first 23 years the Blind College taught a number of sighted pupils, who learnt alongside – and assisted – their blind counterparts; and some of these sighted pupils subsequently became pupils at King’s.  Throughout late 2019 and early 2020, Sixth Form members of Archives Club undertook careful and detailed research of nineteenth-century King’s School registers in order to identify such pupils and provide New College with biographical details.


C.C. Lewis’s entry in the School Register, 1876

A.H. Hill’s entry in the School Register, 1877

Meanwhile, Lower Fourth members of Archives Club provided assistance in combing contemporary issues of Worcester News for articles pertaining to King’s to add to the School Archive’s newspaper collections and also undertook important cleaning of collection artefacts to ensure their longevity and care.  Upper Fourth members made wonderful progress transcribing the wartime letters of Henry Cecil Wilmot (S 1902-1909) sent to his mother from the front.