King's St Alban's

4 March

Amazing Animal Art in Year 1

During Remote Learning the children in Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed their art lessons each week. We have been continuing with our topic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and our country study choice of Australia has lent itself to lots of opportunities for animal-themed art projects. From papercraft activities such as making paper chain snakes, bouncy tree frogs and Chinese New Year dragons, to improving drawing skills with draw-a-long lessons, to learning about different art techniques such as Aboriginal dot paintings, there have been plenty of opportunities for our Year 1 artists to shine!

Where possible we also made links to the stories that we were focusing on in our English lessons too. After reading ‘The Koala Who Could’ by Rachel Bright, the children created some brilliant koala collage pictures by drawing their own koalas and creating a habitat for them out of foliage they found in their gardens. The story ‘Edward the Emu’ by Sheena Knowles was the inspiration for the children’s colourful emu portraits.

Colourful creations were also the order of the day when we made chameleon collages and after studying Scottish artist Steven Brown, the children created their own version of his McZoo Lion.

The art created by Year 1 during remote learning has definitely put a smile on our faces each week. Well done, Year 1 and we are super excited to see all your faces in school next week!