King's Hawford

18 May

An Action Packed Trip to Bishops Wood for Year 4

As school trips continue to make a comeback, Year 4 spent an action-packed day at Bishops Wood this week learning about the Vikings and how they lived when they invaded Britain.

First up, the children had to travel back in time and get onto the huge Viking longboat. Well done to both Harriette and Erin for keeping the beat so the class could row in unison.

Next stop was a trip to an Anglo-Saxon village where the children learnt how to spin wool into thread using spindle. They were also delighted to make their own clay pot using runes to add their name, and broaches made from copper wire – which involved hammering the wire flat.

A short battle that involved throwing bean bags at the other groups took the children up to lunch time. After a quick re-fuel it was time to make shelter from the materials they found in the wood. Mrs Knight and Mrs Redman weren’t too sure if the shelters were water tight, but reported that the décor was a work of art. Unfortunately, the heavens opened just as the children sat down to make their fire, but heading inside to enjoy a snack saved the day.

Thank you to Bishops Wood for a fantastic day, and also to the children who were an absolute joy and demonstrated a great deal of knowledge throughout the day.