King's St Alban's

1 April

An egg-stremely eggciting morning at King’s St. Alban’s.

This morning was egg-stremely eggciting at King’s St. Alban’s!

Following our weekly celebration assembly, the children congregated into their House groups for the first time since the beginning of the year. Everyone was buzzing to be back together, with children from Reception coming together with children in every year group through to Year 6. Everyone was looking forward to the Easter egg hunt.

The morning’s adventure started with the whole school gathered together on the quad and everyone was excited to see four Easter bunnies hopping out from school. Thank you to Mrs Hand, Miss Jordan, Mrs Lewis and Sara for stepping up to this important role. The rules of the hunt were quickly explained: find as many House coloured Easter eggs from around King’s St Alban’s as you can and return them to the right bunny’s basket! The children were excited to get started and as soon as the bell rang they were off! They searched high and low for the eggs, some of which were more of a challenge to find thanks to the somewhat unhelpful Spring breeze! It was wonderful to watch everyone working together and having fun.

Once all the eggs had been found, it was back to the House rooms for a creative art competition. The children had to colour and decorate their eggs to create a piece of art. We had four fantastic pieces to judge after breaktime. Bailey and Thomas went for a rabbit design, Armstrong created a rainbow and Wilson created a portrait of Mr Chapman (which was a very good likeness!) as their piece. Mrs Kilbey chose Thomas as the winner after much deliberation but it was a hard run race with 4 egg-cellent designs to choose from.

It was wonderful to get everyone back together in their houses, having fun and working as a team before the Easter break. Happy Easter to all our children and King’s St Alban’s families!