King's St Alban's

21 January

Animal mad this week in Year 1

It has been another busy week in Year 1 and the children have been going animal mad! The children are thoroughly enjoying our topic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ especially all of the animal-themed stories, quizzes and games we have been playing during our live form times.  The children have continued to be enthusiastic and engaged during all live sessions and have worked hard on their remote learning tasks this week which have included atlas work and map skills when studying the physical and human features of Australia, finding the totals of coins and honing their doubling skills in maths, comparing animal groups in science and designing their own healthy party menu during PSHE.

The story influencing our creative writing this week was Elmer by David McKee.  The children all enjoyed listening to this classic story and also sharing some of their Elmer story books that they had at home.  The children all worked very hard to help Elmer write an invitation to his elephant friend Edward so that he could come and celebrate Elmer Day with him.  The children all remembered the important information necessary in an invitation such as the time, date and place and they also had some fantastic creative ideas about the games that would be played and the food and drink that would be on offer.  Elephants were also the theme for our reading comprehension activity where the children used their reading detective skills to look for the answers in a non-fiction text.  Year 1 were definitely elephant experts by the end of the week.

The rainbow colours of Elmer the elephant also influenced our art activity this week.  The children had fun learning about Scottish artist Steven Brown and created their own fabulously colourful lion artwork in the style of his McZoo paintings.  They definitely brightened up a grey and wet January day! Well done, Year 1.