King's St Alban's

26 March

Another Busy Week in Year 2

Year 2 have had another busy week, with yet more exciting work associated with our topic, The Great Fire of London and, of course, Easter themed activities. They started the week off by completing imaginative Great Fire of London acrostic poems, full of interesting adjectives and strong verbs.  They also thought carefully in our topic lesson about what happened to London after the great fire in 1666 and how it was redesigned and rebuilt.  They then had a go at designing a new London, thinking about important changes that would need to be made to keep London safe, such as changing the building materials for houses from wood to stone.

Year 2 also learned about the Christian significance of Easter and they were able to cut out, read and match the significant days in the week leading up to Easter Sunday, with a description of what happened on that day.  In addition, they very much enjoyed getting creative.  They made Easter chick cards in the classroom and Easter themed baskets in their art lesson with Mrs Cain, which were filled with lots of Easter treats!  Year 2 also had lots of fun making their Easter Bunny book character, which was decorated as the Rainbow Fish!  Well done Year 2 for an excellent week!