King's Hawford

1 July

Apache Relays bring out competitive spirit

We are certainly ending the academic year on a high! This afternoon years 3-6 have battled it out in the popular Apache Relay! The Hawford Apache Relay is a unique events that allows the whole of the Prep School (Years 3-6) to compete together as a house in differentiated sports events. Many former Hawfordians will remember the Hawford Apache it is an event that is truly Hawford!

The way the event is designed means it is very inclusive. Miss Holtham, Head of Girls’ Games and Activities Leader at King’s Hawford, believes that the event: “allows everyone to feel like they can achieve and be part of a whole team effort”.

With 32 events, there really is a chance for all pupils to shine. Every child must compete in a minimum of 1 event each with some taking on 2 events as the maximum. Each house has to carry a baton to every every event. The person receiving the baton has to take the baton off the other person and then place it on the floor before they perform their event.  The person performing must start again or continue until they complete the task as stated.

Once a person has completed their event they have to make their way to their “house base” on the top field. The first House to cross the finish line after the final task is the winner.

All the events are based on sports we do in school including swimming, cricket, netball, trampoline and athletics to name but a few. The whole of the school site is utilised during the afternoon and each house has a member of staff running with the children so they know where they are going to next. Top field, bottom field, barn, pool and the courts all see action making the most of our wonderful facilities and outdoor space.

In today’s event the leader board has changed changing throughout the afternoon but the first house back across the line was Kinver. Which makes it the second year in a row that they have taken the honours! Well done to all the competitors and the our amazing staff runners: Mrs Hughes, Mrs Phillips, Miss Layton and Miss O’Brien.