King's St Alban's

23 September

Artist in Residence: Pupil inspiration.

As part of a King’s Foundation wide initiative, pupils in Year 6 were delighted to meet accomplished artist, Ian Murphy. Artist in residence for the week at King’s Worcester, Ian talked at length about his method of working and his ‘Drawing Recipe’ from his sketchbooks to large, mixed media drawings.

Ian talked about using graphite sticks to form the main shapes within a composition, utilising graphite’s powder to add tone before returning to graphite sticks for deeper tone and turpentine to add brush strokes. Ian suggested the addition of texture should be a quick process, breaking the surface with coarse sandpaper, adding to the detail of a piece through the careful use of an eraser to add a sense of light and then sharp graphite to add detailed lines. It was clear from the number of questions asked by the Year 6 pupils that they were captivated.

artist in residence1

Pupils had the opportunity to go through his sketchbooks and take a closer look at his exquisite mixed media pieces. Later, pupils appreciated the prospect of creating their own pencil studies of his work. The workshop was most certainly fast paced, challenging pupils to develop their techniques, which we hope will inspire and stimulate sketchbook experimentation and pieces of artwork going forward.

artist in residence2

With a fascinating career, Ian’s early work focused on heavily toned, dramatic industrial compositions whilst his subsequent international travels enabled him to expand his drawing repertoire. An exhibition of Ian’s work has been hosted in the purpose-built gallery forming the central atrium of the Art Department at King’s Worcester. A gallery of Ian’s work may also be found here.

Going forward, Year 6 can look forward to future artist in residence collaborations with the Art Department at King’s Worcester which aim to expose pupils to a number of differing genres to spark creativity.