King's Hawford

5 July

Arts Week 2021

King’s Hawford was transformed into a hub of creativity last week as we participated in an action-packed programme of events for Arts Week – our annual celebration of The Arts.

This year’s theme was ‘The Wild West’ to coincide with Ye-Ha! our 2021 school production. With a round-robin of creative activities for the children to participate in, we enjoyed:

  • Beautiful bandanas from Year 2.
  • A ‘Wanted’ poster activity with Mrs Rawnsley – a great way for the children to demonstrate their ability to use adjectives effectively.
  • Tin can targets, Wild West relays on the field (complete with hobby horses), and Wild West horse racing in the pool with noodles!
  • Some impressive cowboy boot sculptures in Year 1.
  • Dance sessions for all of the children.
  • History lessons about the colonisation of West America.

To round off the week our Year 6 children delivered a very professional live performance of Ye-Ha! to their parents, who were delighted to come back into school for the evening.

The rest of the school community will enjoy a virtual gathering to enjoy a global premiere of Ye-Ha! The Movie, which was filmed throughout Arts Week and features children from Years 3 – -6. Listen again to this week’s KH Radio show for exclusive interviews from the cast and crew of Ye-Ha.